MTU Apricot Product Development Application and Research Center

We Donate the Income of Our Products to Our Students

Malatya Turgut Özal University Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun BAY KARABULUT holds examinations in Apricot Product Development Application and Research Center.

A Source of Pride for Malatya

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut made a statement that apricot kernel is especially good for joint pain, body pain, sports injuries and pain, and this situation is also found in studies conducted by other countries, except for international articles that we do. Having stated that our work on the use of apricot kernel oil with massage, especially in post-exercise muscle pain, has found place in international articles and journals, Rector Karabulut said, “Of course, this is a source of pride for Malatya because apricot kernel, especially bitter apricot kernel, was a product that was thrown away in the past. We know that it contains painkillers, we are doing research studies on this topic. We would also like to thank our Minister of Agriculture and the whole team for the stages in the food fortification process in the Ministry of Agriculture. We have transformed this process not only into R&D, but also into P&D.”

We handle the apricot scientifically

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “When you say Malatya, surely, apricot comes to everyone’s mind. During this process, we focused scientific studies in this direction. When we say Malatya Turgut Özal University, apricot comes to mind, when we research in a scientific sense, in health, in R & D and, of course, in a commercial and economic sense, the farmer of our city depends directly on apricots. We’ve all been dealing with apricots in the gardens since we were kids. We used to watch the apricot being sulfurized and its seeds being removed. Today, we have turned apricot into a product. In the R&D aspect of the work, we have seen its antioxidant effect, its protectiveness against stress, we have both written and read many articles about its reducing total stress, and we are increasing the studies on this subject day by day.

Adds a Different Value to Malatya

Rector Karabulut stated that they made progress with scientific researches by keeping Malatya’s values in the foreground in the studies carried out, and stated that these studies will add a different value to our beloved Malatya. “No matter where you go, scientific works on geopraphical and cultural values grow every day. We have always observed this while doing these studies. Many studies on plant production continue in our Faculty of Agriculture. We continue to develop our products, especially related to apricot. We’ve been dealing with this for over fifteen years. There are also findings that it is beneficial in obesity. We continue our scientific work.

We examined the level of antioxidant effect that we extracted from apricot kernels in many diseases. We tried each type of cancer separately. We investigated the protective effects of colon cancer, breast cancer. In the process, we found that doctors also recommended it” said Rector Karabulut.


There are demands from Many Parts of Turkey and the World



Indicating a positive return they received from people in many parts Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “Last year, the Canadian ambassador came to Malatya and said that his wife had used it. He said her sleep was relaxing and preventing her stress. He said he came to meet this scientist. At the same time, we donated the revenues to our university students. We have findings that sulphur contained in sulphuric apricot contains antioxidant substances, which is beneficial as a result of consumption with food. Especially in a process like Covid 19 attracts more attention.”

Are there any side effects?

Prof. Dr. Aysun BAY KARABULUT said, “There is information available in the literature about the presence of cyanide in apricot kernel. Actually, we measured these values as well. In order to avoid side effects, we have examined all the articles and studies in the literature and adjusted the doses together with the Food Risk Control Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture and today our product is on the list of positive products with the support of our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Bekir Pakdemirli. You can also get detailed information about our products from our web site and reach us.”

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Aladağ said, “I was amazed by my professor’s achievements, I came here to take a share from this success, very good works are being done. As you see, the results are deramy. Patients benefit a lot. A patient who called recently said that he had seen the benefit that he had not seen on any medication, his pain had gone. Of course, we will continue in this direction by increasing our work.”