In cooperation with Malatya Turgut Özal University (MTÜ) and Fırat Development Agency, TS EN ISO 900 training seminar has been started for academic and administrative staff within the scope of Higher Education Quality Assurance System studies.

The training started at the University’s Arslantepe Hall and is given by TSE Expert, Chief Investigator and Trainer K. Yaşar Efendioğlu.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar Rector. Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut stated that she cares about quality system and she has been working in this field for many years. “In order to prevent disruption of works and processes, I adopt a quality approach that is not only result-oriented but also process-oriented and effective in horizontal communication. I want quality talked not gossip and I want everybody to talk what should be done, how should this university develop. Let the organization talk, not individuals. Because we all will complete our processes and leave an artifact here. ” quoth.

Academic and administrative staff of the university will be given two separate seminars in two separate groups in January.