Ramadan Message From Rector Karabulut

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said “I wish that the month of Ramadan will bring health, peace and brotherhood to the Islamic world and the whole world. We are in the happiness and peace of reaching another month of Ramadan where unity and solidarity, brotherhood and friendship are felt most warmly. In this holy month, the values ​​that make human beings human are shared intensely. The month of Ramadan removes people from their worries and reminds them of the necessity of solidarity and cooperation in social life. Ramadan month is also an opportunity to raise the feelings of brotherhood, solidarity and cohesion to a higher level, reinforce our unity and solidarity and move forward strongly ”.

“Let’s Pay Attention to Healthy and Balanced Nutrition to Protect From Coronavirus in Ramadan”

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut also emphasized balanced nutrition, reminding the measures to be taken into consideration and comply with the measures taken. Karabulut said “Let’s not miss our prayers in this blessed month for us to get rid of these difficult days as soon as possible due to the corona virus epidemic that affected the world. While realizing the month of Ramadan, let’s never neglect the rules set by our state for corona virus measures. Although there is no food or drink that prevents or treats the transmission of corona virus disease, it has been proven that a healthy and balanced diet strengthens the immune system with physical activity and regular sleep. In this sense, I believe that we will come out of this process much stronger by increasing our body resistance and strengthening our immune system during the month of Ramadan with a healthy, balanced diet and vaccination process, both physically and spiritually. In this regard, I believe that the month of Ramadan, which is also a time of kindness, compassion, compassion and charity, will be bestowed in the most perfect way. “

MTU Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said:


“I wish to be able to meet, hug and relieve longing during the Eid al-Fitr in a healthy, happy and peaceful way, healed financially and morally and more importantly, I wish we will be able to leave this difficult period behind. I hope that this blessed month will bring good health, peace and brotherhood to the world of Islam and the world”.

“I wish Ramadan, whose beginning is mercy, forgiveness in the middle, and the end of which is salvation from Hell, will be a means of goodness for the Islamic world and all humanity, and be a means of love, peace, brotherhood and peace. I wish that the excitement of being able to have the month of Ramadan once again be crowned with the joy of Eid al-Fit as a country. I wish that the world rejoin the good old days as soon as possible and I pray that our geography, which is dominated by feelings of peace and brotherhood prevail in the holy month of Ramadan, should be saved from all disasters and evils”.