Abnormal Head Position in Children Leads to “Crooked Face”.


The Importance of Early Diagnosis for Crooked Face from MTU Faculty of Medicine.

Head of the Department of Eye Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine of MTU, Professor Dr. Abuzer Gündüz touched on the importance of early diagnosis on the crooked face. Prof. Dr. Gündüz said that the opening of our department of eye diseases within our university was of great importance in terms of our scientific work.

Providing information about the Abnormal Head Position that causes the Crooked Face and causes these symptoms, Prof. Dr. Gündüz used the expressions “Abnormal Head Position in Children Causes” “Distorted Face”.Prof. Dr. Gündüz, “Abnormal Head Position is the disturbance of the head in the normal anatomical posture on the body, that is, the head is not standing upright on the body. This abnormal head position manifests itself in three ways. “The face turns right or left, the chin goes up or down, the head tilts towards the right or left shoulder.”

How to Understand Abnormal Head Position? What are the Causes?

Gündüz said, “Around the 6th month of infancy, the child starts to hold his head and sit at 8-9 months. This situation can be understood after these months. When we sit in front of the child or baby, the head should stand upright in the middle of the body, both ears should be seen the same and the chin should be parallel to the ground plane. If these are missing then families should suspect Abnormal Head Position. “



”We have sufficient knowledge and experience in this regard, ” said Prof. Dr. Gündüz and continued, ” 90% of the reason is related to the eye. 90% of eye-related causes are related to Strabismus. Causes outside the eye are quite small. At the beginning of these are psychological and torticolysis of the neck muscle. We have sufficient knowledge and experience in this regard in our clinic. We have even published articles on this subject in national and international scientific journals. In this way, we have enabled ophthalmologists in our country and around the world to benefit from our experience.”

What is the importance of abnormal head position?


Prof. Dr. Gündüz, ” due to abnormal head position, the muscle and bone structures in the right or left neck are damaged. This develops according to the new position. In this case, it results in the same muscle and bone structure on both sides of the neck. In addition, more importantly, it disrupts the blood circulation of this side with the pressure of the carotid artery and Vein, which provide blood circulation to our face on both sides of our neck. This, in turn, means that the nutrition of this side of the face is disrupted, resulting in the appearance of a “crooked face”. This condition creates a very serious aesthetic problem on the human face.” said.

“Croocked facial appearance and neck asymmetry are difficult and costly to correct after the age of development. Therefore, it is very important to determine and treat Abnormal Head Position in infancy and early childhood. These children should not be neglected especially during the “Pandemic” process, and both families and ophthalmologists should show the necessary care in this regard and “If necessary, the treatment of these children should be done by taking the necessary precautions in terms of epidemic. Excessive delays should not be allowed. ” said Prof. Dr. Gündüz.

“Abnormal Head Positions should be detected and treated at an early age. I think it would be beneficial to train family physicians nationwide for early diagnosis. Families should be more careful about this issue, in case of doubt, they should definitely have their children examined by an ophthalmologist. “