MTU Gastronomy Meeting was organized for the academicians and students working at Kale Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational School at Malatya Turgut Özal University (MTÜ) due to the measures taken within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic.
Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut, Kale Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational School Director Lecturer Suat Kuluşaklı, academics and students attended the MTU Online Gastronomy meeting. Famous Italian chef Giovanni Terracciano joined the conversation as a speaker and shared his experiences and suggestions.
Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut said that after the second application of curfew in the context of combating the coronavirus epidemic, citizens spent their meals at home, evaluating what happened at home, without going to the markets unless needed.

– “We produced disinfectants that do not irritate hands”

Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut stressed that Turkey is conducting a very effective fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. She added that even sick citizens who were abroad and were not being cared for were brought in by ambulance planes. “As the world deals with this global epidemic, we all need to do as much as we can in this process. As a university, we produced disinfectant in addition to the studies related to mask production and nutrition during this period. We’ve added ingredients that don’t irritate the hands in particular. We can produce 2 tons a day. We are trying to send our existing equity resources to wherever they are needed, both in Malatya and throughout Turkey. “While the world is dealing with this global epidemic, we all have to do as much as we can in this process. As a university, we produced disinfection as well as mask production and nutrition studies during this period. In particular, we added substances of the kind that do not irritate hands. We can produce 2 tons per day. We are trying to send our existing equity resources to wherever they are needed, both in Malatya and throughout Turkey. These show that universities do not only provide education and training. We are not a university with walls closed. We are an accessible university at all times. Our teachers are also doing very successful works. In order to increase the production capacity of this disinfectant, we have provided the supply of active ingredients and will continue to deliver it to all institutions and organizations that want. quoth.

-“Don’t run away from trying regional and local flavors”

Italian Chef Giovanni Terracciano, began his career in Rome, then it continued in Europe, the Far Eastern countries and in Turkey in more than 10 years. He said he was very happy to be in Turkey. Italian Chef Giovanni Terraccıano spoke Turkish from time to time and shared recipes for making Risotto meal made from bulgur and pasta at home.
Chef Giovanni Terracciano, who said he would come to Malatya after the end of the Coronavirus outbreak, said they were close friends with Chef Danilo Zanna, who was a jury member in a cooking competition, and could come to Malatya with him.
Chef Giovanni Terracciano suggested that tourism and hotel management students should gain new experiences to increase their experience, and that they should work patiently, always do their best, not avoid trying local dishes and flavors, try regional products and be always open to new ideas.

– “Healthy meals such as “analı kızlı” and “içli köfte” should be on the menu at restaurants”

Stating that he knows Malatya’s famous “Analı Kızlı” meal, Italian Chef Giovanni Terraccıano said, “I can catch common tastes, saying that it is the same in Turkish and Italian products. Because now we use vegetables, we use olive oil. ” “When I send a special gift to my very important friends, I always send dried apricots,” said Italian Chef Giovanni Terraccıano. Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut who intervened here also noted that yellow apricot called sulfur apricot is very beneficial for health and they recommend it in this period. Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut stated that apricot dessert is also beneficial for health and asked to be added to the menus in the famous restaurant. Chief Giovanni Terraccıano said that he would make apricot ice cream when he came to Malatya. Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut stated that Malatya’s famous meals “analı kızlı and içli köfte” should also be on menus in famous restaurants, and that these dishes are made from bulgur, and they are beneficial and satisfying for the health, rich in vitamins and protein.

– “It is very important not to enter the house with shoes in Turkey”

Chef Giovanni Terracciano said: “We will stay away from processed foods in particular and be fed according to the season. Because we have to eat the vegetables of the season. We shouldn’t consume too much meat. Let’s eat vegetables this semester. Let’s eat meat once or twice a week. But it’s good to eat vegetables. I especially recommend the daily intake of vegetables. It is useful to consume vegetables on the same day. My advice to those at home during this period is to make their purchases fresh and consume fresh. Vegetables and fruits removed from the refrigerator should be washed with carbonate or vinegar. In Italy, shoes are used to enter houses and still this tradition is not abandoned. This is not the case in Turkey. Turkey has more advantage in this regard. When we enter the house, we take our shoes off.” said.

-“We are one of the universities that makes the best use of online communication”

Chief Giovanni Terraccıano stated that after the coronavirus epidemic, very important rules will be implemented for the hygiene and health safety of customers and employees in tourism businesses, hotels and restaurants, and that students studying in tourism and hotel management should be prepared for them.
Answering questions from academics and students, Chief Giovanni Terraccıano said he wanted to hold the next meeting in Malatya.
Malatya Turgut Özal University Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut, after the outbreak of coronavirus online lessons, meetings and chat activities increased, stating that we are a university that can use the communication conditions of the new era in the best way, she said.