General Secretariat

General Secretaırat

Task Definitions

According to the Regulation on Article 51 of Higher Education Law No. 2547, the Secretary General is the head of the central administration affiliated to the Rector. The Secretary General is the head of the University Administrative Organization and is responsible to the Rector for the operation of this organization.

– To ensure that the units of the University Administrative Organization work efficiently, regularly and harmoniously.

– To carry out the necessary studies to determine the agenda of the University Senate and the Board of Directors.

– To serve as Rapporteur in the University Senate and Board of Directors. To ensure that decisions taken in these committees are written, protected and kept.

– To perform and have the duties done given by the Rector, Senate and Board of Directors within the framework of laws and regulations.

– To announce the announcements from YÖK and various institutions to the related units via e-mail.

– To ensure the conduct of press and Public Relations Service.

To make suggestions to the Rector about the personnel to be employed in the university administrative organization

Deputy Secretary General

Genel Sekreter Yardımcısı

To perform the tasks given in accordance with the instructions received from the rector, the Vice-Rectors and the secretary general and in accordance with the relevant legislation. Acting as secretary-general when the secretary-general is not in office.

-To perform other works and operations given by the top manager (s) to which it is affiliated.

– To assist the Secretary General in carrying out all bureaucratic and administrative services of the University within the delegated authority limits.

– To perform other duties given by the Rector and the secretary general within the framework of laws, statutes and regulations.