An e-conference on Nursing in Covid 19 Pandemic was held in Malatya Turgut Özal University due to the nursing week. Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut, General Director of Health Services Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tekin, Malatya Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Recep Bentli, Chief Physician of MTU Training and Research Hospital, MTU Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Erdal Aktürk, MTU Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Ergün Kutlusoy, Health Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Abuzer Gündüz, President of the Palliative Care Nurses Association Exp. Hurişah Aksakal, Head of Intensive Care Nurses Association, Nurse Ebru Kıraner, Prof. Dr. Aynur Türeyen, Dean of Koç University Nursing Faculty Prof. Dr. Ayişe Karadağ, Head of Nursing Education Association Prof. Dr. Elif Ünsal Avdal and Hacettepe University Nursing Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Gülten Koç participated in the program.


Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut, referring to the fact that nursing is an indispensable part of health services, stated that nursing is a very important profession that strives to perform its profession with all kinds of devotion and effort, without compromising the sacredness of human life in every corner of our country in all kinds of negativity.

“Man’s Happiness Is Not Just His Own Happiness”

Emphasizing the importance of the nursing profession, Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “First of all, I congratulate all our nurses who have the courage to choose such a profession. Because nursing is a self-sacrificing and demanding profession. Human happiness is not just one’s own happiness. In front of him, there will be people who look him in the eye and ask for help. The happiness of helping them is better than anything. In our glorious history, our nurses, who have taken responsibility for each period, are selfless with this consciousness and perform their duties in the best way without recognizing the concept of overtime.


We are in an effort to serve  Malatya, Our Region, Our Country and The World”

“The investments made in the field of health, the manpower trained and the quality of the services provided are also an indicator of the modern level.” Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “Our university has made great progress in many fields in a short time with the help of science. It is in an effort to serve Malatya, our Region, our Country and the World with our international goals in the field of health with the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences and Health Services Vocational School. The success of higher education institutions is directly related to the success of the programs in which education and training activities are carried out. At this point, I would like to state that success in the program design phase is the basis of success in education. Paying attention to social demands, encouraging individual development, planning the development and transfer of scientific knowledge, competency-based programs are key elements that lead to success in education and training processes. Malatya Turgut Özal University has managed a participatory process that takes into account the subject, the learner and the problem in the design of the programs it has opened since its establishment.


“It Was Very Important To Manage This Process Correctly”

Referring to the role of nurses in the Covid 19 process, Rector Karabulut said, “It was very important to manage this process correctly, we have been trying to manage this process with the least damage under the leadership of our President, our Minister of Health and the President of the Higher Education Council. We contributed to science in the corona virus process at the same time with the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences and our nursing department, which we brought to our university. ” She thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Higher Education Council Yekta Saraç and Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca for their support to the university.


Health Services General Manager Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tekin stated that the conference held at the beginning of his speech is of great importance and that it has achieved great success with a serious acceleration in a very short time.

“Health Service Provision In Our Country Is Continued With A Whole Family Of Approximately One Million Two Hundred Thousand People. “

Approximately 230 thousand of this large family consists of our nurses who do their duties devotedly. As we all know, since March 2020, we have encountered the Covid Pandemic, which has unfortunately affected the whole world. It has been a challenging process and this challenging process still continues. In this process, we are aware that our nurses provide self-sacrificing health care services without compromising in any way, despite all the difficulties they have experienced in wars, disasters and epidemics throughout history. The whole public sees that they make all kinds of sacrifices, stay away from their families, stay away from their children, and perform their profession with great difficulty. ”

Malatya Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Recep Bentli said, “I especially congratulate all our healthcare professionals who showed a tremendous performance during this challenging pandemic process. We have lost many healthcare professionals and nurses in our country, I wish patience to their relatives. ”

Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Bentli said, “Our nursing students have a very serious internship problem both in our city and, as far as we hear, in our country. I think these internship problems should be solved by establishing a commission. I think an algorithm, a system should be developed in this regard. I would like to congratulate all of our students, nurses and all healthcare professionals during the nursing week. ”


“The Nurse is Our Biggest Assistant, Our Care Partner, Our Confident.”

Dean of the Faculty of Health Services Prof. Dr. Abuzer Gündüz said, “The nurse is the greatest assistant of us physicians. The nurse is our professional partner, our confidant.