Özal Family Became the Guest of MTU

Late President Turgut Özal was commemorated at MTU.

The conference “Turgut Özal of Turkey, Turkey of Turgut Özal” started in memory of late President Turgut Özal at the 28 anniversary of his death by Malatya Turgut Özal University (MTU). The opening program of the conference convened under the auspices of  President of the Presidential Local Government Policy Board started with the slogan to commemorate and understand Turgut Özal at the 28th anniversary of his death.  Şükrü Karatepe, Presidency Principal Consultant, Aydın Baruş, Governor of Malatya, Bülent Akarcalı, Former Minister of Tourism, Health and Social Aid, Semra Özal, wife of former President Turgut Özal, Ahmet Özal, the son of former President Turgut Özal and former Malatya Deputy, Efe Özal and Mehmet Çınar, Yesilyurt Mayor attended the conference.

Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut stated that “May God have mercy on our countryman Sergeant Hacı Halil Kızılay, who was martyred due to the attack on the Bashika base region of North Iraq”. She also commemorated Hamit Fendoğlu, the former deputy and mayor of Malatya, who was martyred on 17 April 1978 with her bride and two grandchildren, with mercy and gratitude”.


“MTU Raises New Generations That Look Confidently to the Future, Producing Ideas and Projects.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said “Malatya Turgut Özal University is a university founded taking into account the motto by the President of our Republic,” Education is a must for development ” on May 18, 2018. Especially the name of our 8th President, Mr. Turgut Özal, makes this situation much more meaningful. Our late President Turgut Özal won the hearts of our nation as a statesman who signed the innovation and provided new horizons for Turkey. Malatya was grateful and of him. With this awareness, Malatya Turgut Özal University is raising new generations who look to the future with confidence, generate ideas and produce projects. “

“Generations come and go. What matters is what a generation can leave to the next generations after itself”

Prof. Dr. Karabulut explains that our late 8th President, Mr. Turgut Özal was a statesman saving new horizons for Turkey and adds “Our university, named after him, benefits from his guidance and with this awareness, we are always striving to take our university further with a strong team work. “Generations come and go,” which our late President Turgut Özal said at the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Meeting on February 2, 1992. What matters is what a generation can leave to the next generations after it. History only writes these accumulations. Being a great nation is to be able to carry these savings from generation to generation. In line with the goal set by late Özal 28 years ago, it is once again understood how important, how vital and valuable our nation’s ideals of 2023, 2053 and 2071 are “.

“You Will Be Teachers, Doctors, Rectors, Presidents and Turgut Özal of the Future”


Addressing the students in his speech, Prof. Dr. Karabulut said “Your future will be bright and exciting, but it will not be so easy”. Follow your learning carefully. Never give up on acquiring new information, reading, following developments, and revealing your individual differences. We are working to educate you as the teachers, doctors, rectors, presidents and Turgut Özal of the future in the best way possible, with the target of science, effort and devotion. Özal expressesin his speeches that he constantly trusts young people for the future. Young people who love Turkey are being grown up at the university that bears his name at the 28th anniversary of his death today, which is an indicator that we learn this mission. “

Metin Emiroğlu, the former Minister of National Education, Labor and Social Security, attended the congress program by teleconference by surprise and told about the memories he had about late Özal.

“He was the person who understands where Turkey wants to go and directs Turkey in that way”

Aydin Barus, Governor of Malatya, stated that “Turgut Özal is an important name for Malatya, Turkey and world political history. Many people may come to various authorities or the highest authority in life, but the most important thing is to be permanently in people’s memories and get a place in people’s heart. Turgut Özal as one of the most important politicians raised by Turkey continues to  live in the heart of Turkish people. At the 28th anniversary of his death, I remembered that I was a high school and university student. At the beginning of the 1980s, it had a black and white atmosphere in Turkey. I remember the atmosphere of Turkey started to be colourful”.

“I also remember that Turkey had been becoming a country which was open to different opinions in terms of intellectuallity and those years when discussions could be held freely in the political arena and every idea could be spoken openly. Turgut Özal, well experienced in governing and bureaucracy, was a leader who better understood where Turkey wanted to go so that he directed Turkey in that way when he came into power”.

” Unfortunately, some people will understand what I am doing or which balance I am trying to keep 20 years after I die”

Ahmet Özal, 21st term Malatya Deputy and son of late President Turgut Özal, participated the conference as the honorary guest of the program and talked about his memories with Özal. My father told me shortly before his death “Unfortunately, some people will understand what I am doing or which balance I am trying to keep 20 years after I die. Today, we are at the 28th anniversary of his death today; however, people are stil talking about late Özal everywhere, in the street, on TV, in coffeehouses everyday. He may be starting to be understood now. Unfortunately, it is possible to understand some people with the passage of time.

“It was true, development cannot be without a change in mentality”.

Ahmet Özal said “Today, when I think of my late father, I remember him saying some very important lessons that remain in my mind. For instance,Once I asked him: What’s the biggest act you have done in Turkey?. Are they highways, digital power plants, satellites, opening up to the world or tourism? He aswered “Non of them but the most important action I had, I changed the mentality of Turkish people”. It is true, there is no development without a change in mentality. I look at the countries around us and the world. They have great wealth. They have oil wealth, energy resources, other wealth but they always have difficulties in development. That is because we see it clearly that having oil or energy does not mean anything without changing the mentality of those people. Those big steps which open Turkey to the world, teach the location of Turkey to those who do not know the place of Turkey, give confidence to our people and teach how to trust themselves are very  important for development of Turkey. I still miss him and I know our citizens do too although it took 28 years. I feel this every time I go out into the street”.

“Another surprise to the congress opening program is from late President Özal’s wife Semra Özal and her son Efe Özal”.

Semra Özal stated “Wish you good day and happy Ramadan. It is very difficult to talk about such an important issue on such an important day, I would like to thank all friends, especially to dear rector, who organized this meeting. It is very difficult to understand or to explain it in such a short time. But we should introduce it to young people. How will this be achieved? It is your duty. I really thank your university for organizing this program, thank you. I closely follow the valuable work of the rector. May Allah give you health, I am sure that she will do good deeds and do even better things. It is very difficult to understand and explain him, words are not enough to describe him but it is your duty to explain it to young people and new generations. You do this in the best way, thank you very much”.

Efe Özal, son of late President Özal, said “I wish everyone happy Ramadan and thank you all for orginizing such a program. As my mother said he gave great importance to education and young people and he always expressed this. From now on, it is up to you to tell the opinions and vision of my father to young people. It is in your own hands to raise them and I wholeheartedly believe that you will do this in the best way.

“Turkey with Turgut Özal”

Bülent Akarcalı, former Minister, talked about the work he carried with late Özal and said “When the Motherland party, founded by Turgut Özal and his friends, won the elections on November 6, 1983, they encountered such Turkey where all kinds of ideas and political life were under strict and intolerant control after the military seized power with five generals of the General Staff and announced martial law in 1980. The martial law that continued until 1987 was gradually lifted in Ankara on July 1985, in İstanbul in November and in Diyarbakır on July 1987. What does marital law mean? The Military Administration had the last word on almost every subject. The Commander of martial law of the province would have the last word and many institutions were headed by retired officers. One of the most important actions of Anap between 1983-1991 was to give priority to Human Rights, Freedom of Thought and Belief. Turgut Özal was strictly committed to “Freedom of Attempts, Ideas and Beliefs” summarizing Anap’s philosophy and would not hesitate to repeat this over and over again”.

Giving information about the reforms in Özal period, Akarcalı said “All articles announced by the Presidency on Tuesday, March 2 facilitating the daily life of the citizen, such as Human Rights, Judiciary, Judicial Independence, Freedom of Expression have always been a priority for me throughout my political life. Now I am happy to see the development in the field and I am looking forward to its applications”.

“The package in question is the most comprehensive approach created after Turgut Özal period. The philosophy that Turgut Özal teaches us forms a basis of all the positive work I have done in my political life so far: To have freedom of wisdom, freedom of comprehension, freedom of conscience and be entrepreneurial”.


“He was aware of where the world would go”

Presidency Principal Consultant Şükrü Karatepe said “Turgut Özal University has organized a program worthy of his name. Distinguished participants told good memories until this hour and tried to explain the prominent features of Turgut Özal.  Mr. Özal made important innovations, changes, and transformations most of which facilitate our lives today by evaluating Turkey’s problems with a new approach that had not been encountered until that day. Mr. Özal’s accumulation was convenient to make a new beginning for Turkey. Firstly, he had very good education. Besides, his experiences both at home and abroad increased his knowledge a lot and he could understand the day well and see the future very well. I think that a society was looking for a leader to guide it and ready to do everything but could not do anything since there was not a guide to follow. Mr. Özal could understand the society very well, he grasped the era well and he was aware of where the world would go. Then, he appeared and guided Turkish society in an easy and simple way so that people believed in him”.

“It was necessary to trust the nation according to Mr. Özal”

Presidency Principal Consultant Şükrü Karatepe said “ Society also expected this. Mr. Özal had this accumulation of knowledge from his domestic and foreign experiences, from his deep commitment to the values ​​of the nation and as well as having a very good historical consciousness. Mr. Özal really believed that the Turkish nation had the potential to achieve lots of things in case the way in front of it was cleared and the bans were lifted. He lifted most prohibitions and restrictions. According to Mr. Özal, it was necessary to trust the nation as the nation’s potential was high, however; the nation was not trusted. The nation was being controlled. When a citizen got in front of bureaucracy, took administrative action, the citizen was constantly being asked to prove himself for a small administrative act, he was constantly asked for documents. There were lots of bureaucratic procedures. Mr. Özal said that we should trust the nation. As you know he introduced the basis of declaration. Today, whatever the citizen said in a public institution he/she went to, the officer had to believe him or her and basis of declaration was the first stage of trusting this nation”.