Our university was established in accordance with the Higher Education law no 7141 published in the Official Gazette No 30425 dated 18 May 2018 and the 181th Additional article  on Amendments to Some Laws and Decree Laws. Our University with 2 Faculties, 1 College, 8 Vocational Colleges which are active, and 3 Faculties, 1 Institute, Application and Research Centers which are found suitable for opening, aims to realize scientific and academic studies in line with national needs and universal realities, the expectations and targets of our country, geography, nation. As Malatya Turgut Özal University,  to integrate with our city, our region and the society where we live, to serve the society in every sense, to serve our internal and external stakeholders with the projects we produce are among our priority targets and policies. Our university which is aware of the social responsibility it undertakes, aims to contribute to the scientific progress on a global level based on the facts of change, progress and globalization in line with technological developments, to have a more sensitive, participatory, flexible structure in accordance with the demands of the society, to identify and analyze the problems for the future, to educate graduates who will contribute to the society and science in all national and international fields without compromising quality. Inspite of  the limited possibilities, in our age, in which information is growing at an incredible speed in every aspect, our aim is to carry out scientific and academic studies in line with national needs, universal realities, the expectations and targets of our country and nation, to educate scholarly, self-confident and well-educated individuals who can follow basic sciences and current developments and renew his knowledge and skills with his own will and to instill human love and the values that will lead the individuals we raise to the right behaviors not only scientifically but also ethically.