Webinar from MTU on Preparing Program and Course Information Packages in Higher Education Institutions

 “Our University Continuously Renews and Improves Itself”

A webinar program on “Preparation of Program and Course Information Packages in Higher Education Institutions” was held. The webinar program, which included the preparation of program and course information packages in accordance with the qualifications frameworks for higher education institutions, was held online with the participation of Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut, Malatya Turgut Özal University (MTU), Higher Education Quality Board Member Prof. Dr. Tuğba Yanpar Yelken, MTU Quality Commission, Quality Board and Senate members.

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said “The success of higher education institutions is directly related to the success of the programs in which learning and teaching activities are carried out. The fact that its graduates are preferred in employment in national and international arena is the biggest success indicator of learning and teaching studies carried out. I would like to emphasize that success in education depends on the preparation of program design. Competency-based programs taking account of social demands, encouraging individual development and planning the development and transfer of scientific knowledge are key elements that lead to success in learning and teaching processes”.


“We Manage a Participatory Process that Consider the Learner and the Problem”

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said “Our Faculty of Agriculture, which was established with the aim of raising competent individuals in the field of agricultural production, which is among the main priorities of the country and the region, with the aim of both transferring technical knowledge and eliminating the problems encountered during the implementation phase takes its roots from the subject, the learner and the problem. Our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture based on the learner and the problem. Similarly, our Faculty of Engineering based on the subject and the problem through the development of technical knowledge and its use in solving problems and our vocational schools in 8 districts that provide vocational and technical education take their roots from the subject, the learner and the problem”.

“Our University Continuously Renews and Improves Itself”

Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said  “If  the world and the technical knowledge, technology and environment developed in our programs are in constant development and change, our university constantly renews and develops itself within the framework of changing problems and demands.Our university, which carries out innovative studies, systematically updates its programs within a certain discipline and we continue to prepare our young people for their future lives”

“It is not enough to only prepare our young people for the first stage of their profession. New technologies are constantly changing our lives. International changes directly affect our daily life. We are educating young people who are well-equipped in every sense, taking into account the needs of our age as Malatya Turgut Özal University. So, the biggest responsibility is on both us and our esteemed teachers. Our academicians, who work at all levels of learning and teaching activities, transfer the knowledge, skills and competencies required by our age to their students using modern methods, information and technologie undertake the most important task in students’ growth as well-equipped individuals”.

“The Key Element of Higher Education Consists of Programs”

Prof. Dr. Yanpar Yelken said “The key element of Higher Education consists of programs. Especially, the learning and teaching dimension is very important. Of course, Universities have many duties. One of our basic duties is learning and teaching as well as Researchprocesses, Quality processes, Social contribution processes, management processes. When we say learning and teaching, we think of departments and programs. For this reason, it is very important to ensure the quality assurance of the work of our programs that consist of the units of our university. The more qualified and quality education is provided, the more employment opportunities in this challenging and competitive labor market can be increased as it’s really not easy to find a job anymore. We need to graduate our young people in a versatile way. Even diplomas alone are not enough. Young people need to educate themselves”. Prof. Dr. Yanpar Yelken explained the scope of the program information package that should be in higher education institutions emphasizing the importance of providing quality assurance of graduate qualifications with qualified education in order to increase the employment chances of our graduates in the challenging and competitive labor market. She stated that while determining the program competencies, the importance of needs analysis and stakeholder participation should be emphasized and the program competencies, goals and objectives should be focused on what students need to gain at the end of the program. Prof. Dr. Yanpar Yelken talked about the systematic and realistic preparation and visibility of the course information packages in the program. Then, she  explained the purpose, learning outcomes, learner-centered teaching methods and techniques, assessment and evaluation and determination of credits based on correctly determined student workload with examples and applications in the course information package. In addition, she emphasized the necessity of systematically reviewing the information packages and course information packages of the programs in the university according to PDCA cycles and making improvement studies”.